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Kwik Fit to open 200 Service Centres in Italy

The Kwik Fit Group, the UK’s largest automotive repair and servicing company and biggest tyre retailer, has agreed a partnership which will see the Kwik Fit brand expand into Italy.

Under the agreement, 200 centres are set to open over the next decade.

The Company has signed a franchise agreement with CDG ONE, a leading tyre wholesaler and distributor in Italy. CDG ONE is owned by Segema S.p.A. and is the sole importer and distributor of Yokohama tyres in Italy, as well as supplying other premium brands to more than 600 garages in Italy and San Marino.

Unlike Kwik Fit’s operations in the UK and the Netherlands where all the centres are Company owned with no franchising, the Italian centres will all be franchises. Under the agreement, CDG ONE has a license to exclusively operate the Kwik Fit brand and concept in Italy for at least 10 years.

CDG ONE plans to build a network of more than 200 centres under the Kwik Fit brand by 2026 through the conversion of existing service centres and the opening of new ones. It is inviting existing independent tyre dealers and garages who meet the criteria to join the network and convert their operations to become Kwik Fit branded centres.

CDG ONE will oversee the management and operation of all the service centres in Italy. Kwik Fit will provide access to training, including use of its UK training academies, and support in areas including operational procedures, marketing and technology. The two companies will also work together to ensure that the enlarged network can take advantage of the additional purchasing power its scale brings.

Kwik Fit centres in Italy will look like and operate on the same principles as those in the UK. There is scope for different formats within the agreement, from centres offering just tyre replacement and wheel alignment services to the full range of services provided by UK centres, such as servicing, brake replacement and air conditioning. Customers of the network in Italy will also benefit from the Kwik Fit European Guarantee – any work carried out by a Kwik Fit in one European country is automatically guaranteed in any Kwik Fit across Europe.

Kenji Murai, chief executive of Kwik Fit, said: “This partnership is a significant step in further developing Kwik Fit outside the UK as we believe the Italian market holds great potential for our brand. CDG ONE is a proven expert in the automotive aftermarket sector in Italy and is well respected as a successful operator. It is the ideal partner for us as it develops a retail presence in the Italian market. We are confident that CDG ONE will deliver the Kwik Fit network in Italy enabling Italian motorists to benefit from the fast, efficient and value for money service that customers in the UK, the Netherlands and Hungary already know.”

Riccardo Magri, managing director of CDG ONE and Yokohama Italia, said: “We are looking forward to working with Kwik Fit to develop a new customer focussed aftermarket repair network in Italy. We believe that our expertise and local knowledge of the Italian market, combined with Kwik Fit’s operating model and support will enable us to develop a unique network that our partners and customers will benefit from. This is an exciting opportunity to bring a leading brand to the Italian market that will provide customers with the best possible care for their car, offering value for money, reliability and fast efficient service.”

Any independent operator in Italy who is interested in the opportunity to join the Kwik Fit franchise programme should contact CDG ONE on

In addition to its UK operation, Kwik Fit currently owns and operates more than 180 Kwik Fit service centres in the Netherlands. In Hungary 10 service centres operating under the Kwik Fit brand are run by a Hungarian franchisee under an agreement established in 2011. The Company is also exploring the potential for further franchise networks throughout the EU, with a particular focus on Central Eastern and Southern Europe, building on the significant presence which Kwik Fit has developed since it was founded in 1971. Further details on Kwik Fit’s franchise opportunities can be found at

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